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China Inspection Services

Inspections are an integral part of success when manufacturing products in any country. TCI China has integrated a range of Inspection’s through its sister company Goodada. For each inspection, our clients will be provided with a comprehensive report on the outcome. “Remember it is better to find a fault at the factory floor than at your door!” and Goodada is there to assist you.

Goodadda - China Inspection Services

The list of quality inspection services are as follows:

Product Inspection Services

  • Early Production Inspection: This service provides a quality control check at the early stages of production to ensure that all processes and products are correctly implemented from the beginning.
  • During Production Inspection: This service provides a quality check, normally for the first time, of the finished products. It ensures that all processes and products are being produced to the agreed standards and timeframes.
  • Finished Goods Inspection: This inspection is to ensure that the bulk of the products have been manufactured to the Clients specifications. At this stage, normally 80-100% of products have been completed and our Inspection team will check the required proportion as requested by our client.
  • Container Loading Inspection: This service ensures that the correct styles, sizes and quantities have been loaded correctly and safely onto the container.

Production Monitoring

Inspectors stay at the factory during the production process to ensure that product materials and quality meet your specifications, and the production schedule follows the timeline you and the supplier have agreed.

Factory Inspection Audits

  • Supplier Verification: This factory visit will verify the existence of the selected manufacturer and will outline a basic profile of the factory.
  • Extensive Factory Inspection Audit: This factory visit will verify the potential manufacturer’s profile, assess the manufacturer according to existing & international quality standards, trading history and ability to produce the product to your requirements.
  • Social Audit: This factory visit will verify that the manufacturer’s working conditions complies with international human rights and standards.

External Testing & Certification Services

  • Independent Laboratory Testing & Certification: TCI China through its network of independent partner laboratories which are located in Europe and China will conduct independent testing on your products, thus ensuring that they conform to all legal standards and requirements.

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